TBS TANGO s väčšou batériou - OVLÁDAČ

TBS TANGO S Väčšou batériou - OVLÁDAČ

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Next level design

The TBS Tango is the next evolutionary step in remote control systems. The first of its kind, built specifically for FPV, with ergonomy fully thought through. With its wider stance you will feel less restricted in your hand movements, the curvy edges mold to the palm of your hands. Ideal for hybrid pinchers, thumbers and full pinchers alike! The game-pad like appearance honors our heritage as computer gamers, who are now turning the real world into the greatest game ever developed: FPV! :)

Pre-configured for simplicity

Pulling your hair out trying to configure models is a thing of the past! The Tango comes pre-programmed for all modern flight controls, with 10CH it provides plenty of capability even for moderately sized filming rigs, while being a perfect match for FPV racers. Multiple arming/disarming and mode switches, with pan / tilt gimbal controls. 

Video range for miles

Flying from the screen is not necessary, but possible thanks to special anti-glare and anti-reflective coating. The 40CH video receiver is precisely tuned to its environment delivering unparalleled range. The built-in receiver antenna covers 180 degrees in forward facing direction. Using the proprietary "TBS Port", you can connect any goggles to the Tango, delivering crystal-clear video reception as well as long-lasting power, without needing external batteries.

JR-module driven

The Tango comes without a R/C system. It is driven by the popular and all-familiar JR module, providing compatibility for all R/C systems out there. We'll obviously recommend the TBS Crossfire, but you can also use the FrSky XJT, or Spektrum-, Futaba- or Graupner compatible modules. The Tango is ready for full telemetry support from most systems. 


It's bullet-point time!!

10 CH digital remote control system
15 model storage
40ch high performance video receiver, PitMode compatible
Built-in 5dBi patch antenna for unparalleled range
CRSF and PPM output via JR-Module
Quad-bearing stick gimbals
2x 3-Pos toggle, 2x 2-pos toggle, 2x extension port, 2x proportional dials, 4 digital trims, menu rocker dial, 3-button video receiver controls
Built-in FC support for: Cleanflight/Betaflight, DJI Naza V2, OpenPilot/TauLabs, Blade (e.g. tiny whoop)
Built-in JR support for: TBS Crossfire, FrSky XJT, Spektrum DSM2 Air, ImmersionRC EzUHF 
6000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, USB chargeable
USB upgradeable via TBS Agent

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